Sexy Scene Boys

A blog full of extremely sexy "Scene, emo, alternative, goth" guys. I hate labels like these, but it's what people look up. But anyways don't blame me if you die from sexyness
vanityxxinsanity asked: can i submit photos of my friend or?


of course. Just go to

Anni Cosmos appreciation post

annicosmosfan21 asked: Have you ever talked to Anni :3


Unfortunately, no :/ 

nuclearneon asked: *dead* Why you do dis to me? But I'm scene anyways XD


I’m doing this because I love u

Anonymous asked: Your blog just got me pregnant;)


I hope your keeping it 

Anonymous asked: Its so sad to know that I will never get a boyfriend like this boys...


Don’t give up darling. You’ll find the perfect guy someday :) maybe not exactly like these sexy ass boys since really there is like literally like no one that hot in like real life but yeah….

Anonymous asked: I saw a question asking who were your profile picture. It's Anni Cosmos


emo-is-my-choice asked: Are any of these guys in Aussie? Perth preferably


Probably idk I mean I sometimes question if these guys are real so…

I think I’m falling in love with my pillow.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone! O:<

Cause this pillow is MINE!

It’s my lover.

Dear god I’m gonna die alone.

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